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Dance Floor: Why Have One

That is a good question, the dance floor has been around for years and the most popular type is the Starlight Dance Floor, this can also be known as the Twinkle Floor, LED Dance floor or Sparkle Dance Floor. 

The humble dance floor can enhance even the most bland of rooms, It can provide a stunning backdrop for your beautiful first dance pictures and It is a place to create memories to last a lifetime.

The starlight dance floor becomes a focal point for your evening entertainment and it helps your guest to truly appreciate that the dance floor is the place to party.

All of the floors used by Essex Event are manufactured to a high standard, they are professionally maintained and cleaned before every event, we pride ourselves in delivering the perfect floor everytime.

All of our dance floors now use RGB Leds, this allows you to choose the colour of your twinkle from 7 different colours, and we can lay floors upto 20ft x 20ft.

Are you still thinking dance floor: Why have one? then visit our dance floor page for more information.

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