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The power of uplighting is an element of event planning that often get’s overlooked, so what is uplighting?

Uplighting or mood lighting as it is also known is where we take powerful professional par lights and place them round a venue to wash the walls with colour, this helps to turn a potentially bland venue into a visual wonder and something to help wow your guests with.

What exactly is wedding uplighting?

Wedding uplighting is when event lighting is used in various points, typically around the perimeter, of a space to create ambience and depth, explains wedding planner Amber Anderson of Heavenly Day Events. “These lights are situated discreetly on the ground and they project light upwards, creating a pillar effect of lights,” she says. This type of wedding lighting can be done in any color, tying event design and different spaces like the cake table, head table, and dance floor, together in a nice and sustainable way.

At Essex Event we use a professional lighting software which enables us to closely match the colour produced by the uplighting against your theme colour, the number of uplights required is dependant on the venue size and layout but the Essex Event team will be happy to assist you during the planning stages.

For more information on our party extras please visit our website or The Knot is a great place to find out more about the power of uplighting

Uplighting by Essex Event

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