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The Number One Magic Mirror Hire Essex

Magic Mirror Hire Essex

The Leading Magic Mirror Hire Essex

Essex Event are a leading supplier of the Magic Selfie Mirror

A modern take on the original photobooths, the Magic Selfie Mirror is an open format booth taking high quality full lenght photos, our Magic Mirror Hire includes staff, props, digital images post event, unlimited visits and the option to include a guest book

What makes our Magic Mirror Hire Unique?

Magic Mirror Hire
  • Customised image backgrounds with every magic mirror hire
  • Hollywood red carpet
  • Hats, Wigs, Inflatables and signs for use with every magic mirror hire
  • Fully trained mirror attendant 
  • Packages available including a guestbook
  • Digital copy of all images post event
  • Instant cloud upload of all images captured
  • Unlimited visits to the mirror at the event for you, and your guests