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You have a message from Essex Event – Our Audio Guestbook is the latest wedding must have

The latest wedding craze taking the UK by storm is the audio guestbook, introducing “You have a message” from Essex Event our retro rotary telephone turned into an audio guestbook.

The telephone is simple to use, it can be powered by a battery pack or via the mains allowing us to place the telephone in any suitable location, you simply lift the receiver, listen to the introduction and at the beep simply leave your message, when your done, replace the handset.

What sort of messages can I expect? Jokes, Songs, Marital Advice, Highlights of the day so far, the list is endless

So why hire an Audio Guestbook? The Audio Guestbook is a wonderful way to create lasting memories, it gives you the chance to capture the voice of loved ones and friends, how many times have you looked at a picture of a lost loved one and thought “I would love to hear their voice one more time” that’s where the audio guestbook comes into it’s own, a chance to capture those voices and memories for years to come.

How does the hire work? We customise the intro for each event, tell us your married name etc and we can include this in the intro, on the day the telephone will be delivered, setup and tested to wedding venue and then collected at the end of the evening, we then process the saved soundclips and publish them to a secure Google Drive location where you download them post event and treasure forever.

You have a message works well alongside our range of party extras




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